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Doom designer John Romero working on new FPS with “major publisher”

Legendary game maker John Romero – best known for his work on developer id Software’s seminal run of 90s shooters including Wolfenstein, Doom, and Quake – has announced he’s working on a new FPS in collaboration with an as-yet unnamed “major publisher”.

Romero shared the news in a statement posted to Twitter, revealing the project is being handled by Romero Games – which most recently worked on mafia strategy title Empire of Sin for publisher Paradox Interactive – and that it would be built around an “original, new” IP.

Beyond that, details are thin – the official FAQ says “it’s way too early to share any other information” – with the remainder of the announcement only noting Romero Games is currently hiring across a range of positions for its new FPS, and that it’s particularly keen to hear from those with experience using Unreal Engine 5.

Sigil, John Romero’s unofficial fifth episode of Doom, was released in 2019.

While Romero Games most recently worked on Empire of Sin, that title was primarily conceived by noted designer and developer Brenda Romero. John Romero’s previous design credit was on Sigil, the unofficial fifth episode of Doom, announced to coincide with the game’s 25th anniversary in 2018 and released the following year.

That project – which featured 18 brand-new, Romero-designed levels – was well-received and Romero has since announced he’s working on a sequel that will utilise Doom 2. After that, the designer has said he’ll be turning his attention to another classic id Software property, creating new maps for Doom’s seminal follow-up Quake. And that’s not all; Romero has also revealed he’s working on a memoir to be released next year.

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