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Dreams users can now apply to use creations commercially “off PlayStation”

Media Molecule’s long-in-the-works Dreams is, by all accounts, an impressively powerful – and wonderfully intuitive – creation tool, but one small snag for creators is that, to date, there’s been no easy way to get approval to use projects commercially outside of Dreams.

Now, however, Media Molecule is launching a limited-scale initiative in which users wishing to use their Dreams-created concept art, music videos, albums, and short films (or anything else that can be exported from Dreams via PS4 Share) for “business purposes” can apply for permission use the software for a specific project.

“We’ve had lots of questions from creators about using Dreams for viable business opportunities off PlayStation,” studio director Siobhan Reddy wrote in a new post, “We welcome and encourage creators to do this, but it’s new territory for us. We’ve been busy behind the scenes mapping out how we can make it easier for creators to do this in the future.”

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