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Dying Light 2 windmills: How to activate windmills and all windmill locations in Dying Light 2

Windmills are scattered all across the decaying city of old Villedor in Dying Light 2, as they’re the chief source of power for the citizens struggling to survive in the aftermath of the zombie apocalypse.

When you activate a Windmill in Dying Light 2, you’ll immediately open up a brand new mini-settlement of sorts, where survivors can come and set up shops and a stash for you to use for your weapons and items.

This is easier said than done though, as first you’ll actually have to scale the Windmill in order to activate it – and there are plenty of Windmill locations out there to find.

How to find and activate Windmills in Dying Light 2

As you might have noticed in Dying Light 2, the city of Villedor isn’t in the best shape. Its people are scattered and scared, and it’s your job to bring them together and give them something to fight for again.

This is partially done through unlocking Windmills, as the citizens can then use the power generated from the landmarks to light up UV lights, protecting them at night from the horrors roaming the city.


To pinpoint a Windmill in Dying Light 2, get yourself up to the top of a building, where you have a decent view of the surrounding hundred metres or so on all sides. Then equip your binoculars, and use it to mark out any Windmills on the horizon on your map. Once marked with binoculars, icons like Windmills will stay on your map for the remainder of the game.

Before you tackle the Windmill, a useful tip. Using your binoculars again, focus on the icon of the Windmill that you want to unlock. If the icon is white, you have enough strength and tools to unlock it. But if it’s red, this means you haven’t levelled up your stamina significantly enough to scale the Windmill and conquer it. For that, you’ll need to find more Inhibitor locations.


Arriving at a viable Windmill, you’ll see a Parkour challenge of sorts. It’s your job to make it to the top platform of the Windmill, right next to the rotating blades of the machine, and to do this, you need to conquer whatever challenge is awaiting you underneath. Windmills will frequently task you with jumping between moving platforms, for example, so you’ll need to be quick with your climbing skills to overcome the challenge.


Once you’ve reached the top of the Windmill, you merely need to interact with the power box there to turn it on. This isn’t like the electrical power stations, where you can assign the building to either the Survivors or Peacekeeper factions.

Instead, all you need to do is boot up the Windmill at the power box, and the rest is all taken care of for you.


This equates to an entire mini-settlement being established in a few seconds. Once the Windmill is active, you’ll have a base of operations complete with traders, UV lights, a bed to rest in, and a stash to store your belongings. Windmills are essential for night-time operations in Dying Light 2, and they’re even pretty handy out in broad daylight, giving you a place to stop off a recuperate.

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