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EA accidentally leaks FIFA 23’s World Cup mode

Electronic Arts has accidentally allowed players a peek at FIFA 23’s World Cup mode early on PS5.

The mode was not due to be released until later this year, ahead of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar which begins in November.

FIFA 23 owners on PlayStation 5 have posted screenshots of the mode on social media, which show four different sub-modes: FIFA World Cup Live, FIFA World Cup Kick-Off, Online Tournament and FIFA World Cup 2022.

Players have also reported that 48 teams will be available to play in the mode, which is higher than the 32 teams which qualified in the actual World Cup.

This isn’t the first gaffe EA has faced with the launch of FIFA 23 either, with issues surrounding FUT packs and server issues also surfacing.

Still, FIFA 23 has been a resounding success for EA, with 10.3 million players hitting the game on its first week, which is a new record for the series.

FIFA 23 will also be the last EA-made football game to be officially licenced by FIFA, after the publisher decided to walk away from the long-term brand deal with the sports’s governing body.

Be sure to check out Chris Tapsell’s review of the game, in which he makes a thorough analysis of the game’s monetisation.

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