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Elden Ring completed with just a butt stomp

Not content with completing Elden Ring in under 10 minutes, speedrunner Distortion2 has now finished the game using a butt stomp.

Technically it’s an Ashe of War called Ground Slam but let’s be real: it’s a butt stomp.

Spotted by PC Gamer, the streamer has a highlights video of the run up on YouTube that shows the butt slamming route to victory.

It’s not as simple as just spamming the slam though. The wind up of the move takes time and can be interrupted for serious damage, so analysing boss attack timings is imperative.

Still, it’s very impressive to watch someone use their butt in such strategic fashion.

Distortion2 doesn’t defeat every boss, but instead sticks to the important Remembrance bosses, buffing that butt to kill some bosses in just a couple of slams.

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The streamer said the run “started off strong and slowly descended into despair”. Isn’t that everyone’s experience with Elden Ring?

You can add the butt stomp run to the increasingly varied ways of completing Elden Ring, from cheesing bosses, to mech suit rampages, and beating bosses with a banana.

Check out Distortion2’s butt stomp run below.

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