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Elden Ring Fia quest, how to use the Weathered Dagger and reach Deeproot Depths

The steps required for the Age of Duskborn ending.

Fia’s quest in Elden Ring is one of the most fascinating, and finishing it unlocks an alternate version of an Elden Ring ending once you’ve beaten the final boss.

However, it’s also full of convoluted steps, rare items such as the Weathered Dagger and Mending Rune of Death, not to mention a plethora of secret places to uncover.

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How to start Fia’s quest in Elden Ring

To start Fia’s quest, you’ll need to complete Ranni’s quest up until you get the Finger Slayer Blade.

This has you enter Nokron, the Eternal City by defeating Starscourge Radahn, then find a room underneath a statue of a giant finger reader.


Once you have the Finger Slayer Blade, it’s time to find the Cursemark of Death.

Where to find the Cursemark of Death

You may well have already explored this area, in which case you’ll have a good time coming back here far more powerful than you likely were previously. Go into the Carian Study Hall and place the Carian Inverted Statue on the pedestal in the first room.


You’ll now need to work your way through the tower until you reach the Divine Tower, and then grab the Cursemark of Death from the top of it. With that in hand, it’s time to go back to Fia and keep the questline going.


What to do with the Weathered Dagger in Fia’s quest

Head on over to Fia in Roundtable Hold and let her hold you once more, and you should have a conversation option regarding a dagger. If it’s not there, try talking to her about everything else first and it should appear.

You’ll now need to find the Weathered Dagger’s owner. The good news is that they aren’t very far away, as the owner is the mysterious D. Now, this questline spells the end of poor D, so make sure you’ve talked to them as much as you’d like before going over and handing them the dagger.


Rest at the Site of Grace in the Hold, and you should see that D has gone. If you now go past Blacksmith Hewg you’ll see that the door on the top floor at the back behind him is now open.

Go into this room and you’ll find Fia there and can talk to her. Exhausting her dialogue will get Fia to go on her own journey, and that means it’s time to continue our journey too.

How to get to Deeproot Depths and find Fia’s location

Fia will now move to the Deeproot Depths. This is an area you can get to via the aqueduct in Nokron. To get here, head over to the Ancestral Woods Site of Grace. From here, head northeast and up and you’ll spot some jellyfish.


You need to follow this path and drop down and you’ll find the Aqueduct-Facing Cliffs Site of Grace.


This is a mini-dungeon that ends with a fight against two massive Gargoyles, a la the original Dark Souls. Beat them up and you’ll notice a small coffin near the back of the boss arena.


You need to clamber into this coffin and you’ll find yourself in the Deeproot Depths near the Great Waterfall Crest Site of Grace. There’s an Erdtree Avatar here that doesn’t respawn, but after beating it, you’ll need to turn right, and cross the chasm using the roots.


Once past the roots you’ll need to keep going forwards to the cliff edge and should spot The Nameless Eternal City Site of Grace. Rest at this and then continue into the ruined city here.


When you’re amongst the ruins, your aim should be to go up the roots and make your way to the Across the Roots Site of Grace. From here, simply go inside the large area and you’ll need to fight Fia’s Champions.

Once you have settled on a starting class and starting Keepsake item, you should first work out how to level up, how to respec and use Ashes of War. Need some direction from there? Try finding map fragments, Golden Seeds, Talismans and some of our best weapon and best armor set choices. If you want to improve your prowess, then we recommend rune farming – especially before taking on Magrit, Godrick the Grafted, Crystalian, Leonine Misbegotten, Starscourge Radahn (required as part of the Ranni quest), Red Wolf of Radagon and Renalla Queen of the Full Moon after you have found the Glintstone Key location.

How to get the Mending Rune of Death

Once you’ve beaten this boss, you’ll get a new Site of Grace and Fia should be near the back of the area near the teleport gate. If she’s not, rest at the Grace or travel elsewhere and then come back.

Go over to Fia and when given the choice, say you want to be held. From here, keep talking to Fia until you can give her the Cursemark of Death you’ve already got in your inventory because you’re an overachiever.

You’ll now need to rest, then talk to Fia again. Repeat this until you’re unable to talk to her because she’s no longer sitting up, or seemingly alive, and you’ll be able to interact with Fia and you can then enter the Deathbed Dream. Doing so will lead you into a boss fight with Lichdragon Fortissax. Beat them up and you’ll leave the dream.


Now go back to Fia again and you’ll be able to pick up the Mending Rune of the Death-Prince – the final step.


All you need to do now is keep following the game through to the end and you’ll get the Age of Duskborn ending.

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