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Elden Ring flask upgrade locations: Where to find Golden Seeds and Sacred Tears in Elden Ring

To survive as best as you can in Elden Ring, keeping your flasks topped up is imperative, and they fortunately refill whenever you rest at a Site of Grace.

There are two types of flasks you can use, Flask of Crimson Tears (red) for recovering HP, and Flask of Cerulean Tears (blue) for recovering FP that is used for abilities like weapon skills and summoning ash spirits.

You’ll start with four flask charges and can allocate the number of uses you want between the two flasks at a Site of Grace. Of course, you can increase far more charges than that and you can also make them far more effective as you level up.

Elden Ring Sacred Tear locations

Being a huge open world, you could reach a Sacred Tear in a different order so we’ve divided their locations up in each part of the Lands Between:

Limgrave Sacred Tear locations

Third Church of Marika

This is likely the first you’ll come across although, rather than going along the main path to Stormveil Castle west, you’ll need to head east of Limgrave and cross a bridge. Keep on the main path and you’ll reach the church and also a Site of Grace.


Callu Baptismal Church

South of Limgrave is Weeping Peninsula, head up to higher ground and you’ll reach Ailing Village. To the south of the village you’ll find Callu Baptismal Church, though it’s also swarming with rats so you’ll want to clear them out first.


Church of Pilgrimage

On lower ground north of Ailing Village (South of the Lookout Tower Site of Grace is a good starting point) head west and you’ll cross a bridge. On the other side, you’ll see the church in the north, so just ride up there to get your next Sacred Tear and also activate another Site of Grace.


Fourth Church of Marika

This church is west of Weeping Peninsula you can actually see its spire in the distance as you come out of Church of Pilgrimage and look south west. Ride straight for it, past an evergaol and Witchbane Ruins, to reach it. Just make sure you take care of the two headless soldier spirits guarding the entrance. A Sacred Tear and Site of Grace awaits you further in.


Liurnia Sacred Tear locations

Church of Irith

Just as you come out of Stormveil Castle and head into Liurnia, there’s a Site of Grace called Lake-Facing Cliffs. Church of Irith is just in front at lower ground, where you’ll find your next Sacred Tear.


Bellum Church

You’ll find this church northwest of the woods on the main path to the Grand Lift of Dectus.


Altus Plateau Sacred Tear locations

Second Church of Marika

From the Altus Highway Junction Site of Grace, head north (straight north rather than following the path). You’ll soon reach the church at lower ground though it’s safe to drop down. Be warned however that as you approach you’ll be invaded by a bloody finger.


Stormcaller Church

From the Rampartside Path Site of Grace, which you’ll find northwest of the Outer Wall, head southwest and you’ll come across a site with stone sword graves and lighting storms. At the far end, you’ll see the church. It’s guarded by a couple grunt soldiers, but they’re not much of a problem.


Mountaintops of the Giants Sacred Tear locations

First Church of Marika

This church can be found south of the big frozen lake home to spirit jellyfish and a huge boss dragon that will obscure the area with mist. But, unless you want to fight it as you are, you can just keep heading south from the Freezing Lake Site of Grace to reach the church.


Church of Repose

From the Foot of the Forge Site of Grace, instead of heading to fight the boss ahead, head west where you’ll see the church, although you’ll also need to fight a fairly tricky red okina. Best him however and you’ll find the last Sacred Tear at the church as well as a Site of Grace.


Elden Ring Golden Seed locations

We have divided up the Golden Seed locations based on each area of the Lands Between with a map pinpointing where they are (look for the yellow arrow cursor indicating the player’s location) in Elden Ring.

Just a note however that, in order to see the map, you’ll first need to find Map Fragments for each corresponding area.

Limgrave Sacred Tear locations

Fringefolk Hero Cave

A Golden Seed can actually be found right by where you start in the Stranded Graveyard, although it’s also in a very dangerous dungeon with a poison swamp, a trap on wheels that chases you around and instantly kills you on contact, and a boss we don’t recommend you go up against until you’ve levelled up your build and weapon first. You’ll also need two Swordstone Keys in order to unfog the entrance blocking your path.


The boss is an Ulcerated Tree Spirit who’s not only massive but hits hard, spews a molten ether and also unleashes a blast from its body when you’re close to it, though a shield should absorb the worst of the damage. Stay under its attacks, however, and you’ll best it with a Golden Seed as one of your rewards, as well as a very powerful Spirit Ash. For more information on Spirit Ashes, check out our guide.

Stormhill Sacred Tear locations

This illusory tree is right on the main path as you go through the Stormgate en route to Stormveil Castle, so you can’t miss it.


Stormhill Shack

Along the main path on Stormhill you’ll see a shack to your right where there’s a Site of Grace and also one of the rare times you can pick up a Golden Seed that’s not from an illusory tree.


Weeping Peninsula Sacred Tear locations

South of Limgrave from the Castle Morne Rampart Site of Grace and heading southwest, follow the rockface on your right. You’ll eventually reach a point where you can jump up it, though you’ll want to make use of Torrent’s double jump for this. There’s an illusory tree just up here.


Fort Haigh

You’ll need to head to Fort Haight southeast of the Mistwood Ruins to find half of a medallion during a quest on the critical path. As you approach the fort, you’ll find an illusory tree.


Siofra River Well Depths

This area is directly below Limgrave which you can reach south of the Third Church of Marika. The river well lift will take you down to Siofra River Well Depths. You’ll be south of that area, but the illusory tree is located north between Worshippers’ Woods and Below the Well Sites of Graces.

From Worshippers’ Woods, head north but stay left until you reach a stone path and head over it. Beware that you’ll also be in view of the ancient spirits patrolling the area who wield bows, and they have a very high accuracy even if you’re riding Torrent to get there fast.


Stormveil Castle

This illusory tree can be found just before you reach the castle’s boss. There’s actually two routes to get to the boss door where you’ll also find a Site of Grace called Secluded Cell.

If you came from a different path, head south from that Site of Grace where you’ll encounter a troll. Continue past it and you’ll see the illusory tree at a wall flanked by two normal trees.


Liurnia Sacred Tear locations

Academy Gate Town

In the middle of Liurnia’s massive lake, before you reach Raya Lucaria Academy, is a ruined town. From the Academy Gate Town Site of Grace, head northwest into the town and the illusory tree should stand out.


Outside Raya Lucaria Academy

Once you can access Raya Lucaria Academy, don’t head in just yet. Go past the teleporting seal in the northeast and you can head down another path. You’ll need Torrent to jump over a gap, but at the very end is another illusory tree with a Golden Seed.


Raya Lucaria Academy

Inside the academy, from the Debate Parlour Site of Grace, head out into the courtyard. Keep to the left but watch out for enemies, including a rather dangerous one with spinning blades and wheels that you’ll likely be too weak against. Continue left and you’ll find an illusory tree there surrounded by a few enemies who are too busy gazing up at something that they shouldn’t notice you.


Caria Manor

If you’re following Ranni’s questline, you should reach Caria Manor northwest of Liurnia, which can be reached by passing a fake wall north of Kingsrealm Ruins. When you’ve reached the Manor Upper Level Site of Grace, the illusory tree is just in front of the next area, although beware of a few wolves lurking around.


The Ravine

North of the lake in Liurnia is a ravine that takes you to Ravine-Veiled Village at the far end, and also a path that can take you to Altus Plateau bypassing the Grand Lift of Dectus. But, before you reach that village, you’ll come across another illusory tree, but be careful as it’s also surrounded by a bunch of giant egg-shaped creatures that spew poisonous fumes. As long as you quickly dip and out to grab the Golden Seed, it won’t be much trouble.


Caelid Sacred Tear locations

Sellia Sorcery Town

Heading into Sellia Sorcery Town very early can be dangerous (which you’ll pass through if you’re making your way to our recommended early rune farming spot) but if nothing else, you can also pick up a Golden Seed. When you first enter the town just head up the steps on the left and around to find the illusory tree overlooking Caelid’s blood red sky.


South Caelid

From Southern Aeonia Swamp Bank Site of Grace, this illusory tree is actually on the route that takes you to the our early rune farming spot near Impassable Greatbridge so don’t miss this, even if you might be running away from those big scary dogs and crows!


Beastly Sanctum

Northeast of Caelid in Greyoll’s Dragonbarrow, you can reach Farum Greatbridge, which is guarded by a fearsome dragon. You don’t have to fight it though and can still reach the Site of Grace located there. Continue further north and you’ll reach the Beastly Sanctum, where another terrifying boss awaits. Fortunately, you’ll come across the next illusory tree before you reach it.


Altus Plateau Sacred Tear locations

Erdtree-Gazing Hill

North of the Grand Lift of Dectus you’ll reach Lux Ruins and also a Site of Grace for Erdtree-Gazing Hill, with an illusory tree very close by.


Altus Plateau Highway

At Altus Plateau Highway’s Site of Grace, instead of heading up the main path into the Capital Outskirts, continue north and the next illusory tree can be seen just a little further ahead.


Outer Wall Phantom Tree

Not only is there a Site of Grace here, this illusory tree actually has two Golden Seeds at its base!


Capital Outskirts

From the Outer Wall Phantom Tree, head north and you’ll come across another illusory tree that also has two Golden Seeds. Clearly there’s more blessings the closer you are to the Erdtree!


Outside of Outer Wall Battleground

From the Outer Wall Battleground Site of Grace, head out of the gate to the northwest and you’ll soon come across an illusory tree along the path. This area has archers firing great arrows at you though so you won’t want to dally for long.


Altus Plateau’s Minor Erdtree

Continuing from northwest of the Capital Outskirts, and closest to the Windmill Village Grace of Site (home to our recommended late game rune farming spot), you can follow a path southwest that takes you to the area’s Minor Erdtree. But before you reach its base, you’ll find an illusory tree nearby with a Golden Seed.


Seethewater River

If you’ve been approaching west of Altus Plateau you’ll come across Mt. Gelmir. At its base is Seethewater River just west of Wyndham Ruins. Avoid the hot geyser traps down here and you’ll soon see an illusory tree nearby.


Mt. Gelmir

High up Mt. Gelmir, overlooking Volcano Manor, is another illusory tree. You can reach it from the Road of Iniquity Site of Grace, although before approaching that point you’ll have also passed a pretty tough boss, at the mountain’s peak, though it’s fortunately one you can skip until you feel more confident.


Royal Capital mini boss

Remember the Ulcerated Tree Spirit you could fight near the start of the game? Well, here’s another one who bursts out of the ground. You can reach it from the Avenue Balcony Site of Grace and follow some stairs north and around that take you to a suspiciously open area. If you walk closer in, the tree spirit will emerge. Defeat it and you’ll get another Golden Seed.


Royal Capital

This illusory tree is located just south of the West Capital Rampart Site of Grace. It’s also in the view of a large and formidable gargoyle enemy, although the tree itself is surrounded by some smaller weaker blobby enemies who are busy in worship. If you don’t want to face the gargoyle then just run in, grab the Golden Seed then get out.


Mountaintops of the Giants Sacred Tear locations

Forbidden Lands

Although visibility is poor, the Forbidden Lands path to the Grand Lift of Rold is linear so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding the illusory tree that’s on this path just before you reach the grand lift that takes you up to the Mountaintops of the Giants.


Ancient Snow Valley Ruins

This illusory tree is actually close to the frozen lake, but when you first arrive in this area, you’ll be coming from the Ancient Snow Valley Ruins Site of Grace. There’s a few golems patrolling this area but head northeast from this Site of Grace and then go around to the right and you’ll approach a cliff edge where the illusory tree is also located.


Foot of the Forge

From this Site of Grace, an illusory tree is just a little further north before you cross over the chains to the boss. You’ll want to be stealthy though as there’s a troll who can spot you and will throw a massive boulder in your direction. The tree is just at the base of one of the frozen giants. That should be the final Golden Seed you need to fully upgrade your flask charges (unless of course you already got a Golden Seed as a starting gift).



That said, there’s still more Golden Seeds to be found, even if you’ve fully upgraded your flask. This one can only be accessed if you’re following Latenna’s questline in order to reach a secret area in the Mountaintops, and is just west of the town where you need to solve a puzzle in order to reach the Haligtree.


Good luck upgrading your flasks in Elden Ring!

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