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Elden Ring Grand Lift of Dectus location, where to find Dectus Medallion left and right halves

The Grand Lift of Dectus in Elden Ring is a location most may find impassable the first time they discover it.

To get through it, you’ll need two halves of the Dectus Medallion that can be found across The Lands Between. The lift itself is one way you access the Atlus Plateau to the north of the main map.

So we’ve put together a guide telling you where to find the Dectus medallions, and how to use them.

One half of the medallion can be found at Fort Haight in Limgrave, the other at Fort Faroth in Caelid.

Elden Ring Dectus Medallion left half location

We’ll start with Fort Haight, showing you where that is on the world map, and where the medallion half is in the fort itself.

Fort Haight is on the eastern side of Limgrave, the first major area in Elden Ring, and is marked on the maps below.


If you follow the road to Fort Haight from the northwest, you’ll find a Site of Grace on the right side of the road as you approach. Be sure to go over and activate it. The Site of Grace is also marked on the above images, as the filled-in yellow circle.


As you go up the road and past the defences, you’ll see a glowing tree, be sure to go over to it and collect the Golden Seed as this will help you upgrade your Flasks.

Once in the fort, head up the first flight of stairs, then go left and head up the second flight of wooden stairs. Follow these all the way up to the top of the fort, then take a right and head up the ladder.

There should be enemies in the fort but they’re easily dispatched, or you can run around them if you’re quick enough.

At the top of the ladder is a chest, open it and you’ve got one half of the Dectus Medallion.


Elden Ring Dectus Medallion right half location

Next up is Fort Faroth on the eastern side of Caelid, you can see the exact location of the fort on the map in the images below.


If you haven’t reached Caelid yet, you can find a shortcut by exploring the ruins very close to where you begin back in Limgrave, taking you to Sellia Crystal Tunnel, which will teleport you to the middle of the region:

Once in Caelid, heading along the road that leads to Fort Faroth means you’ll be met with a slumbering dragon. Just go around it, as leaving it undisturbed is the safest option for now. Further up the road you’ll see the fort, and a Site of Grace right in front of it.


It’s quite dark in the first room of Fort Faroth, so be sure to equip a torch and be ready for some bat-like enemies before you head in.

Once inside, head through the gap between the wooden walls slightly to your left, then make another left and go straight through the doorway and up the ladder, seen in the picture below.


At the top of the ladder will be a chest, with the second half of the Dectus Medallion inside.


Once you have settled on a starting class and starting Keepsake item, you should first work out how to level up, how to respec and use Ashes of War. Need some direction from there? Try finding map fragments, Golden Seeds, and some of our best weapon and armor set choices. If you want to improve your prowess, then we recommend rune farming – especially before taking on Magrit, Godrick the Grafted, Crystalian, Leonine Misbegotten, Starscourge Radahn (required as part of the Ranni quest, Red Wolf of Radagon and Renalla Queen of the Full Moon after you have found the Glintstone Key location.

Grand Lift of Dectus location and how to activate the lift in Elden Ring

If you already know where the Grand Lift of Dectus is in Elden Ring and can get there fairly quickly, head to the bottom of this guide to figure out how to activate it. Otherwise we’ve compiled the most straightforward way to get to it below.

The easiest way to get to the Tower of Dectus requires that you’ve gained access to the second major Legacy Dungeon in Elden Ring. This is the Raya Lucaria Academy in Liurnia, which you can access after completing Stormveil Castle.


The academy is the giant white building in the middle of the lake, and you can access it by getting the Glintstone Key.

You don’t need to have started it, but getting through the seal on the south side of the Legacy Dungeon and unlocking the Main Academy Gate Site of Grace will make getting to the Tower of Dectus very simple. The image below shows where the Legacy Dungeon and Site of Grace are on the map.


To access the dungeon once you have the Glintstone Key, head west along the buildings from the Academy Gate Town Site of Grace (which is in the bottom right of the above map image) and up towards the structure itself. Interact with the blue seal at the huge front gate, and you’ll be teleported.


Once you’ve been teleported you’ll find the Main Academy Gate Site of Grace. Interact with the blue glowing seal on the bridge heading north, and you’ll be teleported again. From here all you need to do is follow that road as it goes northwards, and you’ll come to the Tower of Dectus.


There are some enemies, but they’re easily avoidable. Just keep heading along the road and aim for the green marker in the top right of the map below. We’ve included some other in-game images to help orientate you with the Grand Tower of Dectus itself.


Once you’re inside the colossal structure, there’s a Site of Grace on the right hand side, so be sure to activate it. Head up to the two statues, and stand between them on the circle. Activate the medallions and a short cutscene will play, with you arriving in the Atlus Plateau.

Congratulations – and best of luck!

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