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Elden Ring speedrun record now below 10 minutes

Another day, another Elden Ring speed running record to be left in awe by. And this time, it is a sub-10-minute run. In fact, it is so good, it is actually a sub-nine run, but that didn’t sound quite as catchy.

This new record was achieved by Distortion 2, who has previously achieved and broken many other Elden Ring speed running records. This included the game’s first sub-20 run in March.

20 minutes now seems like eons for the streamer, as their new record is an impressive 8 minutes and 56 seconds. This was achieved by using a Zip Glitch, which YouTube commentor Sketchy explains as being performed by “guarding and then walking at a specific time afterward for a specific number of frames. These are frame perfect.

“The zip is caused by the specific way the walking and guarding animations overlap. Zips are reliant on hardware (and are therefore only allowed in unrestricted runs) and lower resolution makes them more consistent.” The more you know.

To make these zips even more effective, Distortion2 chose Vagabond as their Elden Ring class, as equipping a halberd makes this character nice and heavy, and thus allows for further zips.

You can check out Distortion2’s new record-breaking run below.

The content creator is now aiming for a sub-seven time, so keep your eyes peeled for more. At this rate, they will complete the game faster than it takes most of us to load up the title screen.

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