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Elite Dangerous’ second Fleet Carriers beta starts next week

Frontier still has a few wrinkles to iron out before the anticipated June launch of Elite Dangerous’ long-promised Fleet Carriers, and to assist in the process, the developer’s second beta test – this time open to players on console as well as PC – will begin next Monday, 11th May.

Fleet Carriers – described as “mobile starships and trading hubs” that accommodate up to 16 players – were initially planned to launch as part of 2018’s Beyond update, but have been the recipient of numerous delays. Now, however, with one successful beta out of the way, they’re finally on track to arrive next month on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

Following that first PC-only beta, Frontier announced it had made some important changes to Fleet Carriers based on community feedback. The most notable of these was a dramatic, and extremely welcome, reduction in upkeep and running costs for the new vessels – which could total as much as 25 million credits a week initially – by 85.5%.

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