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Enjoyable 19th century expedition sim Curious Expedition gets console release dates

Developer Maschinen-Mensch’s rather splendid 19th-century-inspired rogue-like exploration adventure, Curious Expedition, has, at long last, received release dates for consoles, and will be coming to PS4 on 31st March, Switch on 2nd April, and Xbox One a day later on 3rd April.

Curious Expedition, which launched on PC in 2016 and was originally expected on consoles last year, casts players as late 19th century explorers, on a mission to chart the undiscovered corners of the world and pilfer as many priceless artefacts as possible, all in a grasp for fame and glory.

In gameplay terms, that amounts to a compelling blend of hex-based exploration, resource management, and pulpy choose-your-own-adventure-style narrative escapades.

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