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Enjoyable Mega-Man-inspired procedural rogue-like 20XX is getting a sequel

Developer Batterystaple Games has unveiled 30XX, the slightly more pixel-y follow-up to its tremendously entertaining Mega Man-inspired procedural rogue-like, 20XX.

20XX, if you’re unfamiliar, released for Xbox One, PS4, and Switch in 2018 (some four years after its Steam Early Access debut), and it’s a bit of a good ‘un. In essence, it’s a modern reimagining of Capcom’s classic Mega Man X formula, melding traditional platforming and procedurally generated rogue-like, for some endlessly re-playable hijinks.

Although the term “procedurally generated rogue-like” might cause a few eyes to roll back, it actually works incredibly well; 20XX’s optionally co-operative run-and-gun action is satisfyingly tight, its two heroes feel pretty distinct, there’re some great bosses, a dizzying array of abilities to shake-up each run, and the procedural generation, while a tad uneven, uses enough pre-designed level chunks to keep things interesting.

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