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Everything announced in Konami’s Silent Hill October 2022 showcase

Konami finally unveiled everything it has cooking with Silent Hill, including a much-rumoured remake, a new movie and even brand new games in the famous horror series. In case you missed it, here’s a roundup of everything announced during the Silent Hill showcase, dubbed ‘Silent Hill Transmission’, including all the trailers.

First up, we got a debut trailer for Bloober Team’s much-rumoured Silent Hill 2 remake, which is set for PC via Steam and PlayStation 5. It’s listed as a PlayStation console exclusive for 12 months, which suggests it will hit Xbox a year after launch.

Next came the reveal of Silent Hill Townfall, developed by Stories Untold and Observation maker No Code alongside Annapurna Interactive. This one remains something of a mystery. Expect more in the new year.

Moving on, we heard about a brand new Silent Hill film, Return to Silent Hill. Christophe Gans, director of the 2006 Silent Hill movie, returns for this new flick. Filming and casting are still in the works, so this one won’t be out for a while.

Here’s another brand new Silent Hill game: Silent Hill Ascension. Ascension is described as a “live, real-time interactive series” in which players watch together as the story plays out. You can change outcomes and be a part of scenes. There are a handful of companies involved with this one, including Genvid, J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot Games, Dead by Daylight developer Behaviour and DJ2 Entertainment. Expect a 2023 launch.

And finally, Konami ended the show with a brief teaser for a brand new Silent Hill game called Silent Hill f. It’s a new Silent Hill story set in 1960s Japan, written by Japanese visual novel specialist Ryūkishi07.

And here’s the Silent Hill transmission in full, if you fancy watching the entire show:

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