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Ex-BioWare vets working on story-driven sci-fi game at new Wizards of the Coast studio

Wizards of the Coast, the publisher behind Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons, has unveiled its new video game development studio, Archetype Entertainment. It’s being helmed by two ex-BioWare veterans, and its first title will be a new story-driven sci-fi RPG.

First word of Wizards of the Coast’s new studio arrived last April, when the company announced it was teaming up with former BioWare creative director and lead designer James Ohlen – who previously worked on the likes of Baldur’s Gate, Dragon Age: Origins, Neverwinter Nights, and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic – to build a new development team.

Wizards of the Coast has now revealed the studio’s name, Archetype Entertainment, and confirmed that the “autonomous division” – based in Austin, Texas – will be the new home another BioWare alumni, Chad Robertson, who most recently served as head of live services on Anthem until his departure last November.

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