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Exploring Watch Dogs: Legion’s stunningly accurate recreation of London

Ubisoft’s open-world games are rather famous for their accurate recreations of real-world locations. Exploring the many past and present places they’ve produced is always a pleasure, but probing a position you actually populate? Now that’s a different story.

I was absolutely blown away by how similar Watch Dogs: Legion’s vision of a near-future London was when I played through three hours of the game earlier this week. There are of course many parts that have been changed, moulded and repurposed in order to fit in with the gameplay, but for Londoners there are countless familiar locations to visit and in some cases, enter.

I was even able to partially follow the walking route I normally take when heading from The Tower Hotel to London’s Tobacco Dock arena for EGX Rezzed. Unfortunately the map doesn’t stretch far enough to reach Tobacco Dock, but it does feature a highly realistic version of St. Katherine Docks Marina, which by the way is a lovely place to grab a beer and a burger after the show kicks out. (Aw, now I really miss EGX…)

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