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Fatal Frame/Project Zero producer says he’s “never really given up on the idea” of a new game

The series producer of Project Zero – or Fatal Frame, as the series was known outside of Europe – Keisuke Kikuchi, says that while he’s open to expanding the series, it’s ultimately up to IP co-holders Nintendo to decide whether or not we’ll get a remake or a new instalment of the terrifying series.

“Even though I have these hopes, this is a series that Nintendo publishes for us and I only handle the development,” Kikuchi said (thanks, Nintendo Life). “So even if I were to say I want to make another game, that doesn’t necessarily mean that’s what will happen.”

Kikuchi’s also unsure on whether we’ll see any remakes of the celebrated horror series, either, but while he’s “never really given up on the idea”, “it’s not exactly realistic at the moment”.

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