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FIFA 20 pro distraught after bizarre penalty shootout bug knocks him out of official EA tournament

A professional FIFA player lost a crucial penalty shootout to a bizarre bug that caused the game to fail to detect a perfectly valid goal.

On Sunday 1st March, Giuseppe Guastella, a five-time FIFA world finalist who plays the game for LA Galaxy, was knocked out of the North American online qualifiers for the FUT Champions Cup after FIFA 20 determined he missed a penalty that was, clearly, a goal.

In a video posted to Twitter, we see Guastella hit the ball against the post and into the net, but for some reason FIFA 20 called it a miss. The commentary, which runs as if he’s missed (Lee Dixon says: “Oh no! I feel for him! All that rehearsal in training, he’s gone and fluffed his lines!”), just makes the whole thing worse.

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