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Fireteammates of Destiny 2 cheaters may be banned, says Bungie – even if they didn’t cheat themselves

Bungie has outlined plans to hit back at Destiny 2 cheaters, including bans and restrictions on “any player who has benefitted from cheating, even if they didn’t cheat themselves”.

The studio also revealed that while it was, on average, banning around 656 players a week, in the first four weeks since Season of the Worthy’s launch, the ban rate has “more than tripled to 2133 punishments per week”.

“There’s been a growing list of concerns with the game lately: Trials, the rise in cheaters, our new Seasonal model, the balance between rewards you earn vs. items you buy,” explained production director Justin Truman in the developer’s most recent blog post. “We’ve been closely watching and discussing each of these topics as we read your feedback. When our community managers relay that everyone at Bungie is listening, I assure you, we are.”

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