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Fishy management sim Megaquarium adding breeding in new Freshwater Frenzy expansion

Developer Twice Circled’s enormously enjoyable aquarium management tycoon game, Megaquarium, is dipping its toe into new waters next month with the arrival of its first paid expansion – titled Freshwater Frenzy – which comes to PC on 4th June.

Megaquarium originally released on PC in 2018 before expanding to consoles last year, and offers familiar theme-park-sim-style thrills, albeit with a far more genteel, fishy twist.

Starting with a barren plot of land, the goal is to build a thriving tourist attraction, carefully managing layout, staff, research, and funds. Obviously, Megaquarium’s theme brings its own unique challenges too, forcing players to think carefully about the composition of their tanks – light, water type, temperature, filters, scenery, even co-habitants – in order to keep over 100 creatures content, including the likes of crustaceans, turtles, jellyfish, and sharks.

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