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Five of the Best: Save points

Five of the Best is a weekly series about the bits of games we overlook. I’m talking about hands, maps, cats, startup screens – things we ignore at the time but can recall years later because, it turns out, they’re integral to our memory of the game. Now is the time to celebrate them!

It works like this. Various Eurogamer writers will share their memories in the article and then you – probably outraged we didn’t include the thing you’re thinking of – can share the thing you’re thinking of in the comments below. We’ve had some great discussions in our other Five of the Best pieces. So come on, what are you waiting for? On we go!

I barely notice save points these days. They’ve been cleaned away. There’s a polite interruption at the beginning of the game to say the little logo you’re seeing means the game is saving, then off you go, never to really give it a second thought again. If you fail at some part of the game, you reload nearby. How handy, how streamlined.

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