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Flashpoint is back in Apex Legends’ latest time-limited event

Flashpoint is back as part of Apex Legends’ latest time-limited event, Unshackled.

Launching on 19th April, Unshackled will include the return of Flashpoint, where the ability to regenerate health and shield is removed, along with healing and shield loot. Instead you must get to Flashpoint zones to regen health although, as you may well expect, you may have to fight for control of it…

There’s also the usual new themed cosmetics – badges, charms, skins, and the like – and new weekly challenges to take on, too.

“Unleash your Legends’ full power in the Unshackled Event!” developer Respawn says. “Play on Olympus as you never have before in limited-time mode Flashpoint. You won’t find shield or health items: instead, regenerate health and shield in flashpoint zones that you’d better be ready to fight for!

“Unlock 40 event-themed cosmetics and play your way through two unique weekly challenge tracks, each packed with new items.”

Unshackled will run from 19th April until 3rd May. Enjoy, Legends!

PS5 and Xbox Series X/S owners can now play a native version of Apex Legends. A recent update added 4K output and HDR, as well as 60 fps, higher resolution maps, and greater level of detail distance, although not all the improvements are available to players jumping in on the action on Xbox Series S.

Further additions coming soon include 120fps, more visual and audio improvements, and haptic feedback and adaptive triggers on PS5.

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