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Football Manager 2020 Touch advanced tips for winning the league

In the world of Football Manager 2020 Touch, winning a league title is more important to some clubs than others. German giants Bayern Munich, for instance, will probably hit you with a swift P45 if you if you fail to achieve it in season one, while Premier Leaguers Everton will likely build a bronze statue of you outside their ground and hail you as the second coming of Howard Kendall if you upset the odds by doing it in less than three.

Finishing top of the pile is something we, the players, dream of every time we fire up a new save game. How realistic this aspiration is will depend on the team you’re in charge of, but there are strategies you can adopt to give you the best chance of going the distance.

Here, you’ll find advanced tips for FM20 Touch managers with title-winning ambitions, whether the team you’ve inherited is a bastion of invincibility looking to maintain their top-dog status or a plucky dark horse with lofty, disruptive potential.

Plotting the course to victory

Careful planning is the key to table-topping success in Football Manager 2020 Touch, so establish a timeframe for achieving this from the off, and be realistic. The way to go about mounting a title challenge will vary depending on the resources you have at your disposal.

If you’ve inherited a squad full of world beaters and a lorryload of transfer funds, it may be the case that spending big to replace that aging left-back will keep you one step ahead of your closest rival. But if your team is some distance from even breaking into the Champions League positions, you will need to explore ways to narrow that gulf over several seasons.

To become the best team in your respective division, you’ll usually need two quality players for every position. This isn’t too hard to achieve if you’re helming Barcelona, a team that can attract elite talent and easily bankroll its acquisition, but if you’re a club of lesser stature you may have to develop said talent yourself or grow the team’s status over time.

Read on for net-busting tips on developing wonderkids, maintaining squad morale and more.


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