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Forspoken prequel DLC In Tanta We Trust gets May release date

Forspoken might not have particularly dazzled on release, but anyone eager for more will have their wish granted – publisher Square Enix has now revealed – on 26th May, when the beleaguered action-RPG’s previously announced prequel DLC, In Tanta We Trust, arrives.

In Tanta We Trust’s action takes place 25 years before the events of the main game, after protagonist Frey is catapulted back in time to the Purge of the Rheddig – the battle that devastated the land of Athia and drove the Tantas, its corrupted matriachs, to madness.

The DLC’s ensuing quest to save Athia promises a new set of magical abilities for Frey, new companion Tanta Cinta, and “unique, vertically-designed” environments to explore.

Digital Foundry breaks down Forspoken’s PC release.

In Tanta We Trust will be available to purchase for PlayStation 5 and PC on 26th May. It’s also included as part of Forspoken’s Deluxe Edition, with owners of that version getting slightly earlier access from 23rd May.

Despite some misgivings, Eurogamer contributor Henry Stockdale quite liked Forspoken when he reviewed it back in January. “This story takes time to get going,” he wrote, “and while the writing doesn’t always land, there’s plenty to enjoy even if the numerous ups and downs make Forspoken hard to universally recommend”.

Unfortunately, its critical reception was equally lukewarm elsewhere, which – alongside a technically disappointing release – ultimately lead to what Square has since referred to as “lacklustre” sales. Forspoken’s developer, Luminous Productions, will be merged into Square Enix from 1st May, ending its status as a separate entity.

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