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Fortnite begins teasing big Dragon Ball crossover

The world of Dragon Ball is coming to Fortnite, because of course it is.

Fans poking around in Fortnite’s game files have known this crossover was coming for some time. Today, Epic Games – fresh from its two-week summer break – began teasing the collaboration.

Fortnite’s Dragon Ball event is expected to be a big one, with numerous characters coming to the game as skins, alongside weeks of tie-in challenges.

Fortnite’s big summer event has now wound down.

It’s all due to kick off next week, on 16th August, when Fortnite’s next big update is set to release.

This will be the first title update in a month for Epic’s battle royale, following the company’s annual summer break where Fortnite staff down tools for two weeks.

“Speak,” Fortnite teased today, alongside fresh artwork. “Name your wish…”

Fortnite fans have also spotted the game’s lobby background has also now changed, with this rather relaxing image…

…that is, as Dragon Ball fans may recognise, Kame House.

Big franchise crossovers such as this are Fortnite’s bread and butter, of course. Still, Dragon Ball has been high up on many Fortnite fans’ wishlists for some time, and follows an earlier – and seemingly very popular – Naruto tie-in.

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