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Fortnite Funding Station locations – How to use Funding Stations

Funding Stations returned to the Fortnite map in Chapter 3 Season 2.

These Funding Stations allow players to vote on what items will be added into the game in the future. There’s usually two options, with each costing a certain Gold Bar amount to select.

It’s essentially a vote, with players given the opportunity to spend Gold Bars in the hope of bringing a special item into the game at a future date. Here’s where to find Fortnite Funding Stations, and how to use them.

Note: Fortnite Funding Stations are currently disabled while two new items are trialled. They will be reactivated May 17th, offering two new items to vote on. What’s new? Chapter 3 Season 2 has arrived! New additions include red and blue lines on the Fortnite map and Rebuilding quests, including finding and destroying a IO Build Jammer. You can also learn how to get XP fast in Fortnite.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 Resistance Story Trailer

Funding Station locations at a glance

Funding Stations can be found at almost all named locations on the Fortnite map – the map below shows their locations at a glance.

Once you’ve landed at one of the locations circled on the map above, you’ll want to look out for a particular icon on your minimap. It looks like a small bag of money, and will appear once you are within a certain range of the Funding Station. You can see this in the image below.

When Funding Stations are live, you will be able to approach them and interact to trigger the vote. You will then need to spend the required Gold Bars to cast your vote. There are always two options, ranging from vehicles to weapons and consumables.

If you’re struggling to find a Funding Station, note that they look like small message boards. You can see one in the image below.

Chapter 3 Season 2 has arrived! New additions include the Prowler skin, along with the return of jetpacks and Choppas. Star Wars have returned to Fortnite! There are Star Wars skins and challenges to enjoy, along with lightsabers appearing across the island. As we enter Season 2’s final month, it’s a good idea to know how to get XP fast in Fortnite. You can also complete Resistance challenges, including collecting signal jammers and finding an energy fluctuation. Don’t forget about the Seasonal challenges, which include planting saplings and call an Air Strike on a tank. Meanwhile Victory Crowns and the character collection have returned, along with a new Victory Umbrella to earn.

When are Funding Stations next going live?

Funding Stations are not always online and activated. Instead, they are saved for limited periods where players can seek them out to cast votes. Currently, the two items being trialled are the Bubble Shield and Balloons items. On May 17th, the Funding Stations will go live, and you’ll be able to cast your vote for what you would like to see added long-term.

Previous Funding Station items archive

To give you an idea as to the kind of items that are usually included in Fortnite’s Funding Stations, you’ll find a list of previous additions below.

  • Armoured Battle Bus
  • Choppa
  • MK-Seven Assault Rifle
  • Boogie Bomb
  • Rift-To-Go

If you’d like to learn more about Chapter 3 of Fortnite, then check out this season’s Battle Pass, learn how to slide, look at the new map, The Foundation skin and learn about Victory Crowns.

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