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Fortnite now lets you choose to play with building on or off

The era of building being banned from Fortnite’s core modes is over.

Now, players can choose whether they want to play classic Solos, Duos, Trios or Squads playlists with building – or the option of No Builds Solos, Duos, Trios or Squads, as the game has offered over the past couple of weeks.

In those No Build modes, the game retains the Overshield mechanic introduced at the beginning of the season. But this is gone if you choose to play with building back re-enabled.

However you play, Fortnite’s recent addition of sprinting and mantling remains in all modes, speeding up the feel of the game.

Story-wise, the re-introduction of building comes after an evil experiment by the game’s IO faction, which wiped out the ability to build structures on the battle royale Island. Building mechanics have now returned after a victory by the heroic Seven, as shown in a brief video clip which currently greets players upon loading into the game.

Back in the real world, Epic Games had reportedly wanted to test a No Builds version of Fortnite for some time to cater to players who liked the game’s gunplay and wacky mechanics, but were falling further behind in the skill gap between most players and Fortnite’s top tier of builders.

Throughout the No Builds intermission, building mechanics remained available in other playlists such as Team Rumble, as well as in Fortnite’s competitive Arena modes.

Over the last two weeks, Epic Games has been raising money for the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine – with a staggering $100m raised from Fortnite profits so far.

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