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Foxy’s Adventure Mobile is an upcoming adventure title that’s heading to iOS

Foxy’s Adventure Mobile is an adventure-based arcade game by an indie developer that is set to release for iOS this Friday.

The story is set on a faraway planet where you are stuck with no help and no signs of life. The only way to ensure your survival is to escape the place or wander around to find some life-supporting materials.

The game’s character, Foxy, doesn’t have any special powers, they can just run and jump. Buckle up yourselves to explore the unknown lands of the planet and be ready to face the surprising twists that take place throughout.

As you carry on your jumping and running activities on the planet, soon enough you get to know and discover some unimaginable things. As you progress through the game, you get to know more about the mysteries and these elements intensify your adventure on the unknown planet.

The story might seem a bit strange but simple and scary at the same time. In your journey get a chance to meet the Tubbies, the inhabitants of the planet you stranded on and unfold a new story with them. The game features a massive 2D world where the progress depends on the solving of the tricky riddles and slaying enemies at the same time.

By looking at the game, the controls and mechanics are pretty easy to start with, although the devs have stated that the buttons are a bit sensitive, so before you try to control your character make sure to keep these things on your mind.

Foxy’s Adventure Mobile is now available to pre-order on App Store and is expected to release on May 7th. It is a premium title that costs $0.99.

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