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Frogwares’ Sherlock Holmes series returning next year with fresh-faced origin story

Developer Frogwares’ well-regarded series of deduction-based Sherlock Holmes games is making a comeback next year with an origin story titled Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One.

Chapter One is Frogwares’ first new Sherlock Holmes game since 2016’s divisive The Devil’s Daughter (the studio busied itself with Lovecraft-inspired The Sinking City in the interim), and it tells the story of a fresh-faced, 21-year-old Sherlock not explored in the books – a version of the character the developer calls “more raw talent than refined genius…reckless and impatient and a tad brazen, but unknowingly already on the path to greatness”.

Chapter One also sees Frogwares shaking things up further by making a deliberate move away from the over-familiar fog-shrouded streets of Victorian London, shifting its origin story to the altogether more sunny, Mediterranean-inspired island of Sherlock’s youth, “where class divides and corruption are the foundations of this society”.

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