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Game Pass alternative EA Access is now just 79p for one month

EA Access – the Game Pass / PS Now equivalent from the mega-publisher – is now just 79p for a one-month membership. It’s usually £3.99.

Available on both PS4 and Xbox One, the console version of EA Access gives you, um, access, to an ever-growing collection of EA games. While a subscriber, you can download and play as many of them as much as you like with no restrictions. If you choose to buy anything in the EA Access library, you’ll get a 10 per cent discount, too.

Some of the more recent games available to play for your 79p include FIFA 20, Battlefield 5 and Plants Vs Zombies: Battle for Neighborhoodville. You can also dive deep into the EA back catalogue from last-gen, too, with some classics such as the space-faring Mass Effect Trilogy, taut horror Dead Space and the plinky-plonky satisfaction of Peggle.

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