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Garena Free Fire launchers – Complete list and guide

Welcome to our complete list and guide for Free Fire Launchers! You’ll learn a bit about each launcher in the game and how to use them. At the end of the guide, we’ll choose one as the “weapon of choice” or the best launcher in Free Fire.

In case you need help with the basics, make sure you check our Free Fire – essential tips to win!

Grenade launchers are pretty versatile weapons in real life. They can be lethal or, non-lethal, shoot flares, break doors and of course, disable or outright kill. Basically, the first ones made acted like slings that would fill the gap between the hand-thrown grenade and the mortar which required a crew for handling. It gave soldiers much-needed mobility.

In Free Fire, grenade launchers are equally lethal. These are rare weapons to obtain and should be used carefully, as they have an area of impact, so it’s not advised to use them in close-range combat.

How and when to use launchers in Free Fire?

Launchers are an excellent choice when the enemy is hidden behind an obstacle, as they fire angled lob shots! Not only that, but they also have an area of impact.

Therefore, they are the most suitable weapon to clear teams when they try to revive a teammate behind a sticky wall they made. If you can’t manage to get the precise angle when you shoot over the wall, just shoot beside it. AoE damage will make your enemies either move or die.

Mind that the range of the grenade increases when you are on higher ground, so that should be one hint where to use them. Top of the hills and roofs of any higher building are perfect spots to properly utilize their power. This also means that you should not use them when your opponents are on the higher ground, as your range will drop significantly!

Another useful tactic would be to hurl a grenade through the window if you know the enemy is in the room. Its area of impact will probably make them run out to try to face you or die. In case they decide to stay, you can just throw in a few more to finish them off.

Let’s go over each grenade launcher in the game in detail.


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