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Ghost of Tsushima continues to look stunning in latest video reveal

Ahead of its 17th July launch on PS4, Sony has offered a closer look at developer Sucker Punch’s open-world samurai adventure Ghost of Tsushima, and, as if there was any doubt left after previous showings, it’s looking utterly breathtaking.

At its heart, Ghost of Tsushima appears to be a fairly traditional open-world adventure, enabling players to explore the titular island, engaging with enemies along the way. There are two paths to the action – the samurai path, which sees protagonist Jin entering direct confrontations with opponents, and the ghost path, which offers a more stealthy approach to challenges.

The former gives players access to a range of combat stances, with different stances proving more effective against different enemies, and swordplay is built around needing to parry enemies at the last possible moment in order to break their defences. As for stealth, it’s your usual game of sneakery and distraction, with players able to toss firecrackers, ring bells, or drop smoke bombs to get the slip on opponents, grappling to higher ground if need be.

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