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God of War is only £10 for PS Plus members in the latest PSN sale

Not content with running one or two sales, Sony has just launched three new promotions on the PSN Store with huge discounts on some of the biggest PS4 games – even more so if you’re a PS Plus member.

The best offers are hiding in the PS Plus Double Discount promotion where you can find up to 70 per cent off a range of PS4 games.

Of everything, God of War for just £9.59 is easily the most tantalising bargain there. Santa Monica’s accomplished reimaging of Kratos’ rage-fuelled shenanigans is slick, vast and wonderfully made. That’s mostly thanks to the endless joy of lobbing the Leviathan Axe at something’s face over and over and over again. Perhaps, one day, I might go back and defeat all the Valkyries.

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