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Golf in 60 Seconds is a retro-styled sports game about hitting high scores within a time limit

Golf has always been a popular sport to draw influence from on mobile, whether that’s something deliberately silly like What the Golf? or pitting players against one another in Golf Blitz. Golf in 60 Seconds is the latest game to join the ever-growing golfing catalogue and it’s available now for Android devices.

The gimmick is, well, obvious from the name really. It’s been created by independent developer JacquesDoesDevStuff and will see you trying to score as many points as possible in under a minute. It won’t follow the traditional golf format either, with the game requiring you to get a hole in one to progress to the next stage. You can check out some gameplay in the embedded video below.

There are 30 hand-crafted levels to master with each stage possessing a series of different hazards you’ll need to avoid. This might be the usual obstacles associated with the sport such as water or it could be something a little more bizarre like little pink monsters that will devour the ball. Some of the level designs are very quirky too, such as one snowy stage that’s filled with giant candy canes.

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Aside from the standard game setup, you’ll also be able to further test your golfing skills in Survival Mode. Here you’ll be able to earn additional time whenever you sink a shot and the longer you persist the higher your score will be. Golf in 60 Seconds has online leaderboards too, allowing you to see where you rank among other players.

Golf in 60 Seconds is available now over on Google Play. It’s a free game that’s supported by ads. There’s currently no word on an iOS version but we’ll be sure to keep you updated if that changes. 

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