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Good Goliath is VR tower defence with a giant twist

Tower defence style games are ten a penny in VR Land and to be completely honest with you, I got bored of them a long, long time ago. That means, if I’m even going to go near one nowadays, said game will need to have a really good, imaginative twist. And in the case of Good Goliath, that twist is to turn the player into a giant tosser.

Wait, what? No, I wasn’t being rude! Your role in this game is to fill the fists of a captive giant who must dodge, catch and throw an assortment of projectiles at advancing waves of tiny, aggressive attackers. So, instead of playing as a stationary archer or gun emplacement, you’re going to need to get rather physical in order to survive.

You can watch me working up a sweat in this week’s episode of Ian’s VR Corner, where I play through the first two levels of the game in a special early gameplay preview. Be warned though, there is a massive amount of tossing!

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