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Gorgeous 1930s tropical adventure Call of the Sea announced for Xbox Series X

One of the more unusual games during Microsoft’s Xbox Series X stream was Call of the Sea, a non-violent mystery adventure set on a tropical island in the South Pacific in the 1930s.

In it, you play as a lady called Norah, voiced by Cissy Jones from Firewatch and Walking Dead Season One, who’s on the trail of her missing husband. He went on an expedition to the island and never returned. It’s a first-person game based around puzzle solving.

Call of the Sea is published by Raw Fury and is the debut game of Spanish studio Out of the Blue, based in Madrid. It’s an eye-grabbing game with lush tropical forests and bright beaches, all brought to life with vivid Sea of Thieves-like colouring. It’s in this setting we will apparently uncover a weird and otherworldly mystery.

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