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Grab a cut-price memory card or external NVMe SSD at Amazon today

A selection of SanDisk memory cards and WD external NVMe SSDs are on sale at Amazon UK today. If you’re looking to upgrade the storage in your Switch, smartphone, action cam or mirrorless camera then check out the Micro SD card deals; otherwise for PC and console upgrades check out the WD external SSDs further on down the page!

Let’s hit the SanDisk Micro SD cards first. One regular speed SanDisk Ultra card (rated up to 100MB/s reads) and three speedy SanDisk Extreme cards (rated up to 160MB/s reads) are on sale. Here’s how they break down in terms of value, with the biggest reductions on the larger 512GB and 1TB capacities:

The recently developed 512GB and 1TB drives still hold a premium over their older 200GB and 400GB counterparts, but the price per gigabyte has dropped steadily over the past months and now going for a very high capacity card has become more reasonable. 200GB and 256GB Micro SD cards remain the sweet spot, I think, with a similar 256GB card from Integral costing £28 at present – just 11p per gigabyte.

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