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Grab a discounted 256GB SanDisk Micro SD card for £29 on Amazon

SanDisk Micro SD cards have been reduced on Amazon today, with a 200GB card available for £22 and a 256GB card costing £29. That works out to 11p per gigabyte for either card, one of the lowest prices we’ve ever seen on these SanDisk Ultra models and competitive with Black Friday prices which maxed out at around 10p per gigabyte.

Both sizes are in the current capacity/price sweet spot, giving you a huge amount of storage for games, apps, videos and photos, without the early adopter premium of even the cheapest 512GB and 1TB cards. These SanDisk Ultra cards are also reasonably fast Class 10 models, with read and write speeds that meet the U1 and A1 standards. That means they’re suitable for expanding your storage in HD action cameras, smartphones, tablets and the Nintendo Switch.

For the Switch, you should be able to install about 20 AAA games on the 200GB card and a 256GB one. By comparison, the Switch’s 25.9GB of usable internal storage will be just about full after installing Pokemon Sword (10GB) and Zelda Breath of the Wild (13GB).

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