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Gran Turismo 7 was series’ fifth-biggest launch in UK

And also its most expensive.

Gran Turismo topped the UK boxed game charts this week, knocking Elden Ring from pole position, but digital sales have now emerged painting a fuller picture.

In terms of digital sales, Elden Ring shifted more copies – perhaps not surprising considering it is available on more formats.

57 percent of Gran Turismo 7’s sales were digital, Eurogamer sister site reported yesterday. Today, has also compiled a list of GT series launches – in which new entry GT7 emerged fifth.

Launch week sales, combining digital and physical UK sales data, show Gran Turismo 7 achieved the fifth-largest launch for the franchise. That’s with both PS4 and PS5 copies combined.

2010’s GT5 for PS3 had the biggest UK launch in the series. PS2 entry GT4, PS1 entry GT2, and 2008’s GT5: Prologue for PS3 also beat GT7’s arrival.

Interestingly, also highlighted the average price of each GT entry. At an average cost of £65, GT7 is by far the most expensive game in the series to date (although these prices are not adjusted for inflation).

It’s also worth considering the fact GT7 arrived soon after the launch of another big budget – and full price – PlayStation exclusive, Horizon Forbidden West. And then of course there’s the huge success of Elden Ring keeping people busy.

“Polyphony Digital celebrates 25 years of its series with the return of the campaign and the most focussed and finessed Gran Turismo to date,” Eurogamer’s editor-in-chief and principle petrolhead Martin Robinson wrote in Eurogamer’s Gran Turismo 7 review.

Did you purchase GT7, or is it still on your wishlist?

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