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Grounded dev celebrates 10m players in its backyard

Small but mighty.

Grounded has now seen 10 million players shrinking themselves down in size and taking on the perils of the backyard.

In a wholesome video, Obsidian Entertainment revealed its delight at hitting this impressive milestone. Grounded game director Adam Brennecke stated: “the team is so overwhelmed with the amount of support and how much the community has grown over the last year and a half. It means the world to us”.

Obsidian is now working towards it 1.0 final release of Grounded, which is due out later this year.

But while that is all going on in the background, the current backyard will be getting its own updates.

The most recent update sees a new problem for the smallest of small players to overcome – an upturned BBQ, which has created a “dangerous and sizzling path on the way towards the woodpile, so players should be prepared to face the heat”.

Entomophobes be warned, this latest update also brings new creatures to Grounded’s backyard, including black ox beetles, dust mites, scarabs, green shield bugs, ladybug larvae, ladybirds and wolf spiders.

Thankfully, Grounded comes with an arachnophobia mode. With this enabled, the new wolf spiders will come with their own ‘Danger Dumpling’ colour scheme. Phew!

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