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Half-Life 2 and Portal 2 beta files found in Portal Companion Collection

In the time it has taken for Earth to complete a single spin on its axis, the gaming community has been out in full force and picked apart the newly launched Portal: Companion Collection for the Nintendo Switch.

The first discovery came from self-proclaimed “Switch tinkerer” OatmealDome. In this case, the modder managed to unearth some Half-Life 2 content tucked away in the Portal: Companion Collection’s files.

Portal: Companion Collection launches for the Nintendo Switch.

“The entirety of Half-Life 2 (minus maps and music) is present in the ROM,” they wrote via Twitter. “Likely based on the NVIDIA Shield port, with a little Xbox 360 sprinkled in.”

They go on to add, “Also, I should note that having at least some Half-Life 2 leftovers present in the ROM is expected, considering Portal 1 is just a fancy mod of Half-Life 2. That being said, there are a lot of files that shouldn’t be here (HL2-specific models, NPCs, voice clips, etc).”

Following this discovery, they then successfully managed to get Half-Life 2 running on their Nintendo Switch, with OatmealDome saying, “the game kinda works… It occasionally crashes, some maps are impossible to progress in, NPC animations are bugged, saves don’t work, and world cameras are placed at the wrong coordinates.”

Even so, a pretty cool discovery all the same. You can see OatmealDome’s video of Half-Life 2 modded onto Portal 1 for the Switch below.

Half-Life 2 modded onto Portal 1 for Switch (via OatmealDome).

Now we come to our second Portal discovery of the day. This one comes from YouTuber Ossy Flawol (via GamesRadar).

Ossy Flawol has discovered what appears to be never-before-seen Portal 2 beta content hidden in within the Portal: Companion Collection’s data. This comprises of levels, an early version of the game’s ending plus developer tools, with Ossy Flawol still hoping to find more.

Here is the full breakdown from Ossy Flawol for you to cast your eyes over.

A look at the beta version of Portal 2 (via Ossy Flawol).

Yesterday’s Nintendo Direct, following which the Portal: Companion Collection was launched, highlighted an arry of third-party games coming to Nintendo Switch through the rest of this year and beyond. These included Return to Monkey Island, Harvestella (a Final Fantasy-style take on Stardew Valley) and arty monochromatic adventure Blanc, to name a few.

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