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Harvestella looks like Final Fantasy meets Stardew Valley

Harvestella is a brand-new life sim RPG from Square Enix coming to Switch and Steam in November.

It’s Final Fantasy meets Stardew Valley, with gameplay including tending to crops, befriending townspeople, and exploring dungeons.

Concept art is by Isamu Kamikokuryo of Final Fantasy 12 fame, and music is by Go Shiina from the Tales series.

Harvestella trailer

The world contains four giant crystals called “Seaslight” that create a stable change between the four seasons.

However, an abnormality has led to a fifth season – the “Quietus” – disrupting the land, causing crops to wither and die and preventing people from venturing outside.

Harvestella Winter

Harvestella Spring

Harvestella Summer

Harvestella Autumn

Combat will involve various Jobs, such as Fighter, Shadow Walker, and Mage, with players discovering the origins of the world in dungeons alongside a party.

Otherwise there’s farming, cooking, crafting, fishing, and more.

The game was revealed at today’s Nintendo Direct Mini and will be out on Switch and Steam on 4th November.

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