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Hay Day: All the ways to get free diamonds

Looking to get Diamonds in Hay Day for free? Look no further, we’ve got the best tips and tricks for you right here.

Hay Day has been around since 2012, and yet it seems to be more and more popular every week. That’s in no small part down to the fact that developer Supercell is always working on new updates for the game. As a matter of fact, it no longer simply covers farms, although you will need to get your farm set up and running before you can work on other elements of Hay Day, like The Town, or Derby Leagues. The best way to race through the early parts of the game is through using Diamonds, Hay Day’s premium currency, and it’s not just used for speeding things up, you can also use it to increase the number of items that your factories and processing buildings can work on at once. Not able to queue up enough Cow Feed? Buy another slot with some Diamonds.

But, you’re here because you want to know how to get Diamonds for free, and as it turns out there are a lot of ways to secure yourself some of those precious, shiny stones. We’ve arranged these by the level that you’ll need to be in-game, because, as it turns out, some of these methods are gated behind buildings and unlocks.

Level 1 – Maintenance: Being that Hay Day is regularly updated, that means that there are windows of time where the game servers will be offline. If that affects you then you’ll normally net a few apology gems. Naturally, we can’t all sit around hoping for more downtime in order to get diamonds, but it is a nice treat when it does happen.

Level 1 – Leveling Up: Although levelling up will become increasingly rare as you continue to play Hay Day, you will be given diamonds when you level up (sometimes). As with many things, it’ll often be just a single diamond that you’ll be getting, so you’ll definitely need to be patient if you’re hoping to run some expansions off of levelling up alone.

Level 1 – Mystery Boxes: Mystery boxes will give you a Mystery item, of course, as the name says. These items will frequently be things like feed, or tools, but on occasions, they’ll include diamonds. That’s right, diamonds. Of course, you’ll want to snoop around on not only your farm but that of your friends, because some of the boxes are unlocked already, saving you precious resources in your search for diamonds.

Level 1 – The Wheel of Fortune: Every day the Wheel of Fortune will turn up near your farm, and you’ll get a free spin. While consecutive spins do cost money, that first free one is a great way to win a little prize and, if you’re lucky, that prize is even more diamonds.

Level 6 – Achievements: Once you reach level 6 you’ll be able to interact with your farmhouse. When you click it you’ll now be able to see a long list of achievements which you can unlock and, after completing multiple stages, master. As a cute side-effect, your farmhouse will change appearance as you unlock more and more achievements. These achievements will only give you single-digit diamonds for each one completed, and many of them will be unlocked as you progress through the game – but it can’t hurt to take a look at the ones available and adjust your playstyle so that you unlock them faster.

Level 9 – Events: This one is essential to netting you diamonds for free in Hay Day. You’ll unlock access to the event board as soon as you hit level 9, and it should be one of the first things you check when you turn on the game for the day. These global events run for a limited time, and there are regularly diamonds on offer through the events.

Level 10 – Movie Tickets: As you hit level 10 you’ll notice that you occasionally get a movie ticket next to your mailbox. If you watch the trailer then you’ll be given a prize, and these prizes can include diamonds, as well as supplies, products and vouchers. We’re not too sure why this is unlocked at level 10, considering that the developers make money when you watch the adverts – but we have to assume that it’s related to the items that you gain access to at that point.

Level 14 – Tom: Tom is a character who you can hire for diamonds to work for you. But, you’re here because you’re looking to gain diamonds rather than spend them. Occasionally Tom will have a balloon. Keep an eye on that because when he lets go you can pop it, and that’ll net you either supplies, experience, coins or – you guessed it – diamonds.

Level 15 – S Percell Co’s Fyne & Mysterious Giftes Catalogue: Not only is this useful for getting very cool decorations and boosters but when you exchange gift cards there’s also the opportunity to get diamonds. Fantastic.

Level 18 – Derbies: Once you’ve reached level 18 you’ll be able to run horse races as a competition between neighbourhoods. This is a great way to earn prizes, as well as hit certain milestones and checkpoints. There’s an absolute mass of forms that the competitions take place as, but most notably, when you hit a derby threshold, you’ll net some diamonds through taking part.

Level 24 – The Mine: Unlocked at level 24, the Mine changes a lot of how the game’s production systems work. That’s because it’s definitely one of the most notable points where all of a sudden it’s not just about crops; At the mine, you’ll gather precious metal, but you’ll also sometimes grab a diamond or two too. You can excavate a maximum of ten diamonds per day, which makes it one of the most efficient ways to grab the shiny stones.

The likelihood of you getting a diamond is dependent on the tool you use when mining. Dynamite has a 6% chance, TNT an 8% chance, Pickaxe a 9% chance and Shovel an 11% chance.

Level 27 – Fishing: Fishing is a massive element to the mid-game of Hay Day. Once you reach level 27 you’ll be able to fish at the lake – assuming you’ve fixed up the fishing boat – and for every new fish that you unlock, you’ll get some diamonds. There’s a whole trick to playing the fishing minigame, and we might get into that with another guide, but all you need to know for now is that if you can catch every variety of fish then you’ll be rolling in diamonds without paying a penny.

Level 30 – Nets: We’re back with fishing again, but this time it’s by making mystery nets. These are available at level 30 and can be used to catch red lure level fish, but can also pick up special items including – you guessed it – diamonds. There’s a twist though, you’ll actually have to spend diamonds to make these – which might be a bit too much of a gamble for most.

If you think that we’ve missed anything here then drop a message in the comments below and we’ll update the post to reflect the best ways to get free diamonds in Hay Day.

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