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Henry Cavill rolled in puddles to get grubby for The Witcher

What does it take to transform into Geralt for The Witcher TV series? Aside from hitting the gym, it seems Henry Cavill took some unusual measures to get himself prepared for the role – including taking a soak in some puddles.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Cavill went through some of the methods he used to transform into gruff Witcher Geralt. Rather than opting for a wig that would have distinguished him from the video game version, Cavill felt the silver locks were “important to the character”, although it seemingly caused a headache for the costume department.

“Jacqui Rathore, who was in charge of the wig for me, she was having nightmares about that wig,” Cavill said. “I think she had three of them – she was taking them home every night, working on them more and more and more. But by the end of the show, by episode one reshoots, fortunately, the wig was just on point.”

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