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Here’s a proper look at Outriders, People Can Fly’s refreshingly old school shooter

When Outriders properly broke cover earlier this year with our first look at this looter shooter in action, there was a fair amount of talk of it looking like something pulled from 2008. The more I learn about People Can Fly’s first solo outing since 2013’s Gears of War: Judgment, the more I think it’s not so much a slur as something to be celebrated: this is a shooter that’s proudly, defiantly old-school.

It’s loud and brash and gory and completely over-the-top – like every good People Can Fly game in the past has been, really, from Painkiller to Bulletstorm – with all that excess met by some smart ideas. There’s an intriguing World Tier system that sees difficulty adapt on the fly and a class system that looks properly malleable with player choice having a big impact on character builds. Oh and, most importantly, shooting things looks like it’ll feel just great.

Yes, the art-style isn’t exactly inspired, although the fresh look offered in today’s extended presentation demonstrates that it’s got a much broader palette than first gameplay suggested. “Our goal with this new was content to show that every level in our game has a different colour palette,” Outriders director Bartosz Kmita tells us. “It’s not only about the brown colours and the World War One feel. It’s much more than just a warzone.”

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