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Here’s five minutes of Paper Mario: The Origami King gameplay in new trailer

Those eager to learn more about Paper Mario: The Origami King ahead of its launch on Switch next month are in luck; Nintendo has released a five-minute gameplay deep-dive video thingy, touching on everything from combat mechanics to the long-awaited return of companions. As they say in the Mushroom Kingdom – let’s a-go!

As The Origami King’s announcement trailer revealed, there’s a new nemesis in town this time around, with Princess Peach’s castle under siege from the evil King Olly and his cohorts. From that starting point, a quest to find the end of five ribbons stretching across the world unfolds, one that sees Mario exploring a striking series of locales, including an autumn-hued mountain, a forest spring, a desert oasis, an underground sewer (of course), and even a ninja-filled mansion.

There are secrets to find and mini-games to play along the way – white water rafting, target shooting, underwater treasure hunting, aerial battling, quiz shows, and fishing all get an airing in the latest trailer – and there are more suggestions the series has finally returned to its RPG roots too; a range of companions will tag along with Mario on his latest grand adventure, for instance, including Bobby the amnesiac Bob-omb, the historian Professor Toad, and Olivia, the sister of King Olly, intent on thwarting her brother’s nefarious plans.

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