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Here’s two minutes of Crysis Remastered running on Switch

Crysis Remastered is launching on Switch – and only Switch, following a delay for other versions – next week, and in preparation for its 23rd July arrival, Crytek has offered up a new trailer featuring two minutes of the FPS running on Nintendo’s platform.

Crytek is calling this one a “tech trailer”, and it’s intended to highlight the various enhancements making their way to Switch as part of the remaster, including the likes of dynamic lighting, gyro aiming, destructible environments, and vegetation bending.

Crysis Remastered’s latest trailer features footage capture at 720p and 30fps on Nintendo’s console, and you can see how porting studio Saber Interactive’s various tweaks and changes have impacted the original, notoriously demanding, 2007 experience below.

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