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Horizon Forbidden West accessibility features detailed, introduces new custom difficulty setting and co-pilot system

Bringing the game to as “many fans as possible”.

Guerilla has detailed what accessibility features will be available for Horizon Forbidden West, including a new custom difficulty setting and co-pilot system.

Some of the accessibility features that will be available within Horizon Forbidden West will be familiar to players of Zero Dawn, while others have been created specifically for Aloy’s latest adventure as Guerrilla “continue to learn and understand more about the needs of [its] players”.

One of these new features is Horizon Forbidden West’s custom difficulty setting. With this setting enabled, players will have the option to “adjust damage levels that Aloy deals and receives to/from enemies, giving more flexibility in adjusting combat difficulty”.

In addition to this new setting, Guerrilla has also introduced an “easy loot system”. With this system enabled “any resource components that are still attached when killing a machine are added to its loot inventory. This lessens the need to detach those components during combat”. The easy loot system will be automatically enabled in both ‘story’ and ‘easy’ difficulties, and players will be able to select on custom difficulty if they wish.

Another new and incredibly welcome feature will be the co-pilot system. This new system, which has been “implemented thanks to incredible feedback and support from [Guerrilla’s] sightless accessibility consultant”, will allow another user with a second PlayStation controller access to the game.

Along with these new aforementioned features, Guerrilla has also included a myriad of other ways for players to customise their Horizon Forbidden West experience.

This includes a setting that will automatically deploy Aloy’s shieldwing if she falls from a great height, the option to finetune the camera shake and motion blur settings, the ability to change the size and background subtitles appear on and much, much, more.

Guerrilla has clearly done its homework since Zero Dawn’s release and has implemented these learnings in an incredibly comprehensive fashion. We love to see it!

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