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Horizon Zero Dawn sales hit 20m

As Forbidden West gets a new cinematic trailer.

Head of PlayStation studios Herman Hulst has revealed that over 20m copies of Horizon Zero Dawn have now been sold across PS4 and PC.

Along with this heady number, Hulst additionally revealed that players have spent over 1bn hours playing through Aloy’s debut adventure.

These impressive numbers come just a week ahead of Horizon Forbidden West’s highly anticipated launch. This sequel to Zero Dawn will take players further than ever into the futuristic yet primal lands of Horizon, as Aloy seeks to find an answer as to why the lands around her are dying.

The most recent trailer for Forbidden West heavily hints that Aloy will be able to override and then fly machines such as Sunwings during her quest. While this is not confirmed, the trailer seems to end with Aloy soaring off the side of a cliff, having previously tamed a machine capable of flight.

It is not just new mounts that player will come across on Forbidden West’s release. Aloy will also be confronted with new enemies, both machine and human. These include Regalla, a brutal tribe leader. Regalla has been said to answer to a higher power. Could this be Sylens from Zero Dawn?

She will additionally meet another new character, a mysterious woman by the name of Tilda. Very little has been revealed about Tilda so far, including where her allegiances lie. Will she be friend of foe for Aloy?

Thankfully, as we all strive to find answers to these questions, several familiar faces from Zero Dawn will be joining Aloy in her efforts to save the world. Erend and Varl will be by Aloy’s side when as she heads into the depths of the West.

Most excitingly, though, is even more players than ever before will be able to join in the fight when Forbidden West launches next week. Guerrilla has highlighted some of the new accessibility options that will be available to players, including a co-pilot system and a custom difficulty mode.

With these new settings available, will Horizon Forbidden West be able to top Zero Dawn’s impressive player numbers? Time will tell.

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