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Hotshot Racing looks to capture the spirit of London’s Trocadero in the 90s

If you lived within a 20-mile radius of central London in the 90s and had any interest in interactive entertainment, there was only really one game in town. London’s Trocadero was a mecca not only for video games, but a very particular, very 90s brand of video game: Sega’s big, brash arcade racers, the likes of Sega Rally and Virtua Racing becoming an indelible part of so many childhoods. It’s no wonder so many of us still pine for these glorious things.

They all played a big part in the childhood of Trevor Ley, a young kid who got the racing bug at Brands Hatch and did all he could to get a taste of the action at what was then known as Sega World. Having later carved out a living making racing games at EA, Rockstar and Sony’s London Studio, and working on the likes of Burnout and Midnight Club, it’s something he’s been keen to return to ever since.

“I wanted to do something that brought back the feeling of the arcade games back in the 90s, because I used to skip school and go to Trocadero to play games like Virtua Racing, Hard Drivin’, Daytona USA, Sega Rally,” he says. “Driving games were basically the ones for me.”

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