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How I ruined Sega’s financial results

About seven years ago, I found myself sat next to a high-powered Sega executive at a posh dinner. I don’t remember the purpose of the dinner; it was probably some awards ceremony. Or perhaps it was an in-house event, like a wake for the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise following the release of the Xbox 360 reboot.

Naturally, we got talking about classic Sega arcade game Jambo! Safari. I explained to the exec that I was a huge fan. I had even started an online petition to bring the game to consoles, and told anyone at his company who would listen I was confident it would be a massive hit. Of course, I had been overjoyed when a Wii version of the game was released in 2009.

“I see,” said the exec, chewing slowly on his Scotch egg. (Video game dinners are never really that posh.) “So it’s YOUR fault that right now, I’ve got 70,000 unsold copies of Jambo! Safari Wii sitting in a warehouse?”

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